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Graduation Requirements

Diploma and cap

Graduation Requirements

It is our goal to have all WHS students earn the necessary credits for graduation within four years and to participate in the graduation ceremony with their classmates. With the imposition of increased testing and course requirements from the State Education Department, it is very important for students and parents to understand the graduation requirements and for students to stay on task for graduation every year. That means if your child fails a course, he/she should attend summer school right away to make up any lost credit.

Staying on track for graduation is vitally important for students who hope to attend the Career and Technical Center as Juniors and Seniors. The travel time to and from CTE limits the number of courses a student may fit into his/her schedule at the home school. Therefore, the time in our schedule often doesn’t allow for “doubling up” in a subject that was failed in a previous year and typically, the only time a student is allowed to double-up is during his/her Senior year.

All WHS students must earn a minimum of 22½ credits. They must also pass the State mandated Regents exams and successfully complete a Senior research paper to earn a diploma. The chart below shows the required yearly credit accumulation to move from grade level to grade level:

  • Grade 9 – transition to Grade 10 = 5½ credits
  • Grade 10 – transition to Grade 11 = 11 credits
  • Grade 11 – transition to Grade 12 = 16½ credits
  • Grade 12 – Graduation = 22½ credits