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Acceptable Use Policy

When using the iPad assigned, the student user must ALWAYS follow the Wellsville CSD Acceptable Use Policy. This policy describes the expected uses of technology assigned to students including: network username/password, email, Internet access and use as well as handling and using technology hardware including computers and mobiel devices such as iPads. The policy also details Rules and Unacceptable Uses of technology owned by the District.

Students are reminded that each time they log onto the District's network, the use of their username and password and entering the network also creates a digital signature indicating that they are aware of and will follow the Acceptable Use Policy. Further, all use of technology hardware owned by the district also is to be followed as per Acceptable Use Policy.

iPad Expectations and Daily Use

As you begin to recieve and use your iPads please follow the guidelines and expectations your buiding principals have outlined for you.



To help you care for the iPad, we have included a iPad CARE SHEET. Please review the expectations.

  • Never leave your iPad unattended
  • The iPad is an electronic device and must be handled with care.
  • You are responsible to bring it to school charged everyday.
  • You are responsible for using the iPad according to school and District policies and procedures.


Microsoft Office for iPad and OneDrive (for Business) on your iPad


Wellsville CSD provides Office 365, Office for iPad and OneDrive



OneDrive is a free online storage for your files that you can access from anywhere. When you save your files to OneDrive, they're always with you. And better yet, you can use your iPad to access your OneDrive as well as "Office Web Apps" and "Office for iPad!" 


Create, upload, share, collaborate, files using a desktop computer or iPads, etc. using Office 365.


MSOffice 365 Click here for more information


Apple ID Password Reset

How to Change Apple ID passwords


If you experience issues while setting up your iPad, please go to the Technology Department office located in the High School down the ramp near the Fitness Center.


Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

"Digital citizenship" is an umbrella term that covers a whole host of important issues. Broadly, it's the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior when one is using technology. But specifically, it can cover anything from "netiquette" to cyberbullying; technology access and the digital divide; online safety and privacy; copyright, plagiarism, and digital law, and more. Provided are three of many videos that  introduce and discuss Digital Citizenship and Being a Digital Citizen.


What is Digital Citizenship? -- This succinct video from BeCyberwise(4) describes why digital citizenship is so important.


Be a Digital Citizen -- This video gives some statistics about internet and social media usage and then describes the many ways in which we are all affected on a daily basis by our technology use.


Out of Your Hands -- Watch in dismay as an inappropriate photograph travels in just one minute from one poor naive teen girl to an online stalker, ending with the admonition "Think before you post."